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Innovative Schooling for A Better Tomorrow

Global Schools Foundation is committed to providing a secure future for every child by honing their natural talents and helping them acquire new skills.
Mr. Atul Temurnikar
Chairman & Co-founder, GSF

The Beginning

Global Schools Foundation is a not-for-profit global chain of K-12 schools established by Mr Atul Temurnikar. In his corporate career working with tech giants like IBM and HCL, Mr Temurnikar had firsthand experience of how technology would impact all aspects of life. 

Education being a subject close to his heart, he took it as his mission to raise students who can thrive in such a rapidly changing world. GSF started with that mission from a single campus in Mount Sophia, Singapore and over the years has expanded to 10 countries and serves more than 31,000 students annually. 

Why choose a GSF school?


Why choose a GSF school?

We understand that true learning can never be confined to the classrooms. That’s why exploring and experimenting is at the core of all the GSF Schools.

Our schools are vibrant spaces that are aesthetically designed to encourage independent thinking. Equipped with the latest technology, students at GSF Schools get all they need to learn better.


Child-centered teaching

We value each child for who they are. We go to great lengths to tap into their unique strengths, helping them discover their passions as we go along.

At GSF schools, we lay a strong foundation in inclusive values so that children learn to appreciate others who might be from a different background.

We understand that we are not just raising curious learners but righteous global citizens as well.


Great academic results

A strong academic performance lies at the heart of our curriculum design. Over the years, GSF students have consistently performed exceptionally well in the major career-deciding exams. Given our commitment to outcome-based learning methodologies, it is not surprising that GSF students are sought after by the top global universities. You will find GSF alumni in many of the top 100 universities.

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