CBSE Programme at GIIS – A Strong Combination of Academic Excellence and Skill Enhancement

CBSE Programme at GIIS – A Strong Combination of Academic Excellence and Skill Enhancement

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Indian national curriculum is not only followed by majority of schools in the country of its origin, but also by over 200 international schools across 25 countries.

While many new programmes and curriculum options have emerged and become popular among schools in India and worldwide, CBSE has remained a contemporary curriculum as it constantly upgrades its teaching approach for the betterment of students by collecting feedback from stakeholders and incorporating new elements and approaches into the curriculum.

CBSE education at GIIS has defied the belief it's rote-learning

Lets look at the key focus areas of the curriculum that has kept it going strong for more than last 50 years:

  • The curriculum has constantly undergone innovation in teaching-learning methodologies by devising new and friendlier approach which are student-centric and help them to develop critical thinking, understand the concept well, develop advanced research and analytical-skills.
  • The curriculum has evolved with changing times to ensure that children are empowered with latest skills and become future-ready, rather than limiting their knowledge to textbooks and class lectures.
  • Reforms have been constantly made in assessment model and evaluation practices to offer a more constructive feedback. Open text-based-assessment have been incorporated to help learners demonstrate original thinking.
  • The board conducts extensive trainings and workshops for teachers in order to update their pedagogical skills.

Global Indian International School was one of the first schools in Singapore to start offering the CBSE curriculum to its students way back in 2002 and has since established an unbeatable track-record of outstanding performance by its students in CBSE board exams. So much so that the GIIS Tokyo campus was recently the world's one and only international school appearing in the top 10 CBSE rankings among the 600+ affiliated schools operating outside India.

A large number of GIIS alumni has been placed in world-class universities and have been successful in pursuing their dream careers.

How CBSE at GIIS offers holistic and well-rounded development?

The CBSE programme at GIIS is designed to offer a holistic development to students. Along with acquiring academic proficiency, students get involved in a number of engaging activities like Entrepreneurship bootcamps, workshops, simulated conferences like MUN and community service activities that prepare them for leadership roles. The award-winning, 9 GEMS framework enhances the CBSE programme and makes its aligned to the requirements of international education at the university level.

At the same time, customised educational platforms like Direct Assessment (DA), STEM & Hey Math make learning more enjoyable for the students. Additional programmes like coding, innovation boot camps, STITCH and Robotics help students hone 4Cs of 21st century.

Dedicated teachers offer strong guidance to CBSE students

The Principal of GIIS SMART Campus, Ms Melissa Maria says, our entire focus is to create a learner-centric and stress-free environment without compromising on the quality of education. As a result, our CBSE students have consistently been achieving brilliant results and as per our placement records have made their mark in a number of prestigious universities worldwide.

The award-winning pedagogy of GIIS fosters innovation and critical thinking among students helping them stay ahead of their peers as they step out to pursue higher education in world class institutions. Students are groomed manage their time effectively, be more proactive in their approach and stay focussed on mastering concepts as well as applying them in real-life.

The results are wonderful, students get empowered with skills and values that prepare them for the globalised society.

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K P Sheeja

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