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Award-winning multi-curricula Smart campuses with a vision to create global citizens.

School Overview

In the 20 years since its inception, the Singapore-based Global Indian International School has established 18 campuses across 7 countries in East Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East, spreading quality education with a vision to create global leaders with an entrepreneurial streak.

Using innovation at every step, GIIS has ensured that students imbibe its teaching and learning methods in a highly engaging and digitally savvy environment.
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School Philosophy and Values

The school’s fundamental philosophy is to provide the highest quality education using the best technological platforms at a fee range that is affordable to many families.

GIIS believes in nurturing students into academically strong and skilled individuals who can take on the challenges of the real world. Using an award-winning educational framework called the 9GEMS™, the school provides excellence in nine areas of development including academics, sports, arts, leadership and community connect, among others. As a result, students are nurtured to be global citizens with values of universal brotherhood.

The core vision, implemented from a tender age through pioneering methodologies and a futuristic approach to education, gives GIIS students an education that enables all-round development.

Key Achievements

GIIS has many remarkable accomplishments in the education industry that has constantly proven its mettle as a world-class institution. These include:


World Education Summit Awards

nnovation in Campus infrastructure: 17th World Education Award 2020 for  'Use of ICT in School Management'.

Excellence in Crises Award

Performance Excellence in Academics during pandemic

Performance Excellence Award

Recognised as World Class Educational Organisation by Asia Pacific Quality Organisation

Business Excellence Award

Recognised for Superior Practices in Business

Best Practises Award

Awarded for best practise in using Nature to Befriend Global Education

Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Services Award

For the concept of 9 GEMS™ – Multi Dimensional Identity of a Holistic Teaching Methodology


Pioneering school in singapore
Pioneer school in providing CBSE in Singapore
multiple curricula
The only school with multiple curricula options in Singapore
green and sustainable
Green and Sustainable

Green and Sustainable practices for adherence to sustainable campus design

CSR activities
Recognised for CSR activities in Singapore 

Community Connect

GIIS believes in leaving no child behind when it comes to providing quality education. The school has been active in promoting universal values of brotherhood and peace through its pedagogical offerings.

It has also been at the forefront in participating in activities that allow students to get acquainted with the local communities of their country of residence and extend a helping hand to those in need. Students participate in various fundraisers and service programmes for senior care centres and for people with disabilities in order to improve the quality of their lives and help them blend into mainstream society.

The school has generously donated to other causes like Covid-related relief material, monetary assistance to less privileged sections of the society and sponsoring schools.

Mahatma Gandhi Global Indian Ekalavya School (MGGIES)

Ekalavya model school tilakwada

MGGIES is a joint venture between the Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation and the Ministry of Gujarat state in India. MGGIES came into existence in 2008 to fulfil the wish of the former President of India, the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who wanted to give every child in India access to quality education.

The Mahatma Gandhi Global Indian Eklavya School, located in the Tilakwada region of Narmada District in Gujarat, is one of the finest institutions that provides a well-rounded education, helping underprivileged children have an equal chance at success.

The school offers a wide range of modern facilities and support services that lay the proper foundation for students to become successful professionals of tomorrow.

mahatma gandi


MGGIES aims to empower its students with critical life skills and nurture young students into great human beings. The school religiously follows the thoughts and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. The idea of “Simple Living and High Thinking” is a way of life at MGGIES. It helps students gain the right set of values and helps them reach their highest potential.

MGGIES focusses on all-round development and provides a wide range of developmental programmes, vocational training and extracurricular activities to hone the innate strengths and skills of all children.

Locations and Campuses

GIIS has its presence in 16 campuses across 6 countries in Asia and the Middle East.



Kuala Lumpur campus

242, Lorong Abdul Samad,Off Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 19 6160 075