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Harrods International Academy

We are a leading K-12 international school in Cambodia, part of Global Schools Foundation, which provides structured holistic learning in a modern teaching environment.

Renowned International Curricula

Our holistic, well-balanced education is based on structured learning, which gives our students a strong foundation, and builds their readiness for University education worldwide. We are authorised to impart curricula, including national, Cambridge Secondary, and Singaporean-British education, which is child-centric and personalised. Our curriculum standards match the prescribed international levels, and undergo continuous improvement as required.
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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Our international experienced team brings a deep and vast understanding of education to our pedagogy and teaching methodology. Qualified teachers with international credentials and experience impart the best in class academic programmes that build a strong foundation in our students to help them gain the benefit of getting into any international university. Added to that is the fact that we are a CIS-member school.
Learning methods include:

hybrid classes
Hybrid programmes that encourage virtual and physical attendance
e-learning programmes
E-Learning programmes developed in-house for the best outcomes
personalised assessments
Regular, personalised assessments for academic success

Learning the Harrods Way

We ensure that your child gets the best physical, emotional and cognitive development to make them effective global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Our student-centred and inquiry-based approaches are designed to foster 21st-century skills and capabilities through:

  • Practical, experiential learning for self-improvement

  • Sports programmes for active physical and social development

  • Regional and international academic initiatives to encourage critical thinking

Excellent Support Programme

We understand the ever-changing landscape of education, and have customised our programmes to offer excellent support for the overall development of every student. Our programmes include:

  • Personalised learning goals catering to student strengths

  • Internationally recognised Mandarin programmes for language proficiency

  • Parent-in-Partnership initiative for progression of students

  • Open-door communication between all stakeholders

  • Health and safety initiatives for student well-being like C.A.R.E

Global Perspective

Harrods is a globally focused school intent on building intercultural awareness in its staff and student cohort. We have an international outlook on education, where we encourage our students to widen their perspectives on diversity. We do this through having:

international staff
Students and staff from more than 20 nationalities
exchange programmes
Exchange programmes with our international partners
UN calendar
Celebration of events in the UN calendar
Libraries equipped with material that is universal in nature
global values
Cultivating manners and ethics that resonate all over the world

Harrods International Academy

#24, 29 & 31 Street 302 corner Street 57, Boeung Keng Kang I, Boeung Keng Kang, Phnom Penh - Kingdom of Cambodia

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023 973 999 | 077 296 688

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